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We provide an advanced analysis for the importation of merchandise, which is critical in order that we may plan for the importation step by step. The merchandise is then liberated and delivered to your company without delay or mishaps, meeting needs and schedules, and especially without additional and unexpected costs.  This avoids delays at ports or airports awaiting steps for national acceptance. 

Importation can be carried out from any part of Brazil, and will be handled rapidly and efficiently.

Review of Fiscal Classification:
Together with the client, we make an accurate study of the tax classification for the product to be imported. "Together with the supplier or engineer responsible for the company, we analyze the fiscal qualification most appropriate for the product, that conforms most closely to the rules and custom tax requirements.
We check all the procedures of processing prior to shipment in order to meet Brazilian standards and requirements of the Federal Revenue Act for clearance."

Cost Analysis:
It is necessary to know the final cost of a product to be imported in order to examine the feasibility of importation. Our staff is able to assist you concerning all these values. "To have the assurance that the product will come with a price that makes importation feasible, it is necessary to know all proceedings and values involved. Beginning with the Tax Classification of the product, we conduct a preliminary survey of all costs involved in importing, including freight from your supplier, the international freight, customs clearance, and all other expenses until delivery to your address. "

Import licenses and special handling: 
As you may know, the government from time to time alters the administrative handling of Brazilian imports, in order to control or balance its international balances. We review the need for permits for imports, pre-shipment, post-shipment or automatic, in order that your company is not penalized with fines upon arrival of the goods. Depending upon the product, a government body may be required to grant authorization for this verification.

Search for Products: Tell us where the desired product can be found and we will bring it to you. "We offer door to door service. You tell us where your product is and with our partners abroad, we will bring these goods safely to Brazil.
We will obtain all the necessary documentation required for entry into Brazil as per the Brazilian customs regulations. We follow the shipment of machinery via photos, when necessary. Through our follow-up online, you can track all the steps of the importation process.

Used Machinery or non-existent similar equipment in Brazil:
If you are interested in used machinery or if there is no similar in Brazil, the Enterworld will take care of obtaining the “Certificate of no similarity in Brazil” for you to obtain authorization to import a used machine, or obtain a reduction of the tax rate on imports, to make the importation of the item more feasible. To achieve this special procedures are necessary with the Decex and Abimaq, which must be taken.

Ex Fees:
For products which have nothing similar in Brazil we request a study for reduction in the importation tax by DECEX, through SDP and Abimaq, so that the fiscal classification may reduce the rate of Import Tax (ex-tariff), in view of the non-existence of a similar national product.

International Shipping:
We recruit and contract the international freighters via sea, air, coastal, rail or road and handle all the management and monitoring of transportation of the goods until delivery to your company.

We will keep you and your staff fully informed on all steps of your export, import or drawback

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