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ENTERWORLD is equipped to prepare and monitor your Export business: 
Before any operation, a company must possess Siscomex (RADAR). Our staff will monitor and assist your company to become duly registered with the Revenue Service and thus be in a legal position to export.

Exporting can be handled in various forms such as direct and indirect exporting, temporary exports, samples, export to fairs, and others. Each is handled in a different manner, which the advisory team of Enterworld will follow step by step, according to each situation.

Look us up before you commit to any one else!

We will serve your company in all ports, airports, frontier borders and EADI's. Be sure to consult us.

Costs involved in Exporting:
Exporting receives incentives by the Brazilian government through internal tax-exemption. However, before exporting, it is important to know the costs involved. "Various government incentives concerning internal taxing exist for exportations, being taxed only on IRF and COFINS, however in specific cases there may be an export tax. In some cases there may be special handling prior to export, which entails costs. There may be some requirements by the importing country that must be met in Brazil before the product is released, and this involves cost and knowledge of procedures, and must be considered when negotiating in order to prevent the cancellation of the sale of the client. Consult us, case by case. "

We will plan and accompany the time and date that your merchandise must be delivered to the Port in order to reach its destination by the time agreed upon with your client.
"It is important to meet the date of delivery of goods and documents to your client. Our team will work together with your company in everything that occurs during the process. 

From the time in which the goods are ready, or the estimated date for delivery for export, we will do all the planning of the estimated date of shipment and time of negotiation of documents.

We do the hiring of an international freighter and together, we will make all adjustments necessary for the fulfillment of your contract with the importer, taking into consideration all necessary procedures such as: inspection by Ibama, processing of wood, or any previous authorization required for shipment”.

Analysis of documents for Letter of Credit: 
Our team is specialized to confirm that all requirements for the Letter of Credit have been met. "Previous examination that all clauses of the terms of the Letter of Credit can be met is essential for it to be negotiated satisfactorily with the bank. 

A Letter of Credit negotiated with errors is the same as selling an item without any guarantee of payment. You must know the terms of international trading and brochures, in order to be certain that all the clauses of a Letter of Credit are correctly met. The Letter of Credit must be legally valid, to be entitled to receive payment without problems." 

Documentation and Handling Required: 
We prepare all relevant documents for export, including the bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, certificate of analysis and other documents necessary for completion of exportation, whether by letter of credit, bank collection, withdrawal guarantee or any other form of guaranteed sales. 

We assure that the documents arrive at their destination well in advance of the goods, with agility and security so that you maintain customer satisfaction.

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